European Maritime Day 2012

European Maritime Day

ProShop Europe supplied a complete conference solution for the international conference, The European Maritime Day.

Conference Solution for 1600 participants

Every year on May 20, The European Maritime Day is celebrated across Europe. On this day, there is focus on the importance of our oceans in connection with everyday life, economy and employment. One of the main activities is the conference "The European Maritime Day" - this year the conference took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. Close to 1600 international participants were gathered for a three day conference at Erikbergshallen with break-out activities at Hotel 11 and Hotel Riverton.

Complete Conference Solution with Interpretation System

ProShop Europe was the conference's technical partner and supplied a simultaneous interpretation system, which ensured that all participants could understand what was said. We supplied a complete solution with an interpretation system with four languages in plenum and two languages in each of the three break-out rooms. To ensure the best possible working conditions for the interpreters, we placed screens with a split-screen view of video and PowerPoint as well as screens with a live feed showing close-ups of the speakers. Besides technical equipment, ProShop Europe handled the technical execution of the entire event.

Digital Microphone System Ensures Optimal Multi-Lingual Communication

At Hotel Riverton, an important meeting was held in connection with The European Maritime Day. Since the meeting was held in several different languages, we used a digital microphone system, which ensures that two-way communication in several languages runs smoothly. The participants' and interpreters' microphones were connected to a laptop, which enables our technicians to monitor all the microphones, turn the participants' microphones on and off if needed and ensure that the interpreters interpret the right language to the right channels.

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