Quality products and knowhow
fused into excellent solutions

Our solutions are characterized by a fusion of quality products, technical knowhow and experienced technicians. We supply innovative solutions
with a high level of functionality and user-friendliness that are always designed with the sole purpose of giving the users a better experience.

Infinite screens

Infinite screens are edgeless and can be used individually or be combined to a larger, impressive screen with an untraditional format. The screens can be used for static and changing content, which make them excellent for both information screens and eye-catchers.

See specifications for Infinite screens

LED screens

Create maximal salience with an LED screen - a natural eye-catcher. An LED screen can be constructed in all formats and sizes, which give you great possibilities to play with the visual expression and make your stand even more sensational.

Pool system

A pool system is a fun and different projection that attracts and catch visitors' attention. The interactive projection is activated when a person enters the active area and invites the person to play with the interactive elements for instance fish, flowers or a football.

The digital receptionist

Are you guests met by a receptionist or do they stand around and wait for a random employee to come by and help them? If the latter is the case, a digital receptionist is the ideal solution for you! The digital receptionist welcomes your guests and informs the relevant employee that there is a guest waiting.

Digital booking system

Simple and elegant booking system for meeting rooms - the meeting room is either booked locally on a small touch screen by the meeting room or via Outlook. This solution minimize double bookings and interruptions of on-going meetings, because the screen always shows who is using the room, for how long and can suggest other vacant meeting rooms.


We have developed an interactive concept for entertainment and information installations, where the user becomes a part of the experience. One of the concepts core elements is a software that can handle inputs from e.g. sensor, process data and create interaction between video, sound sources and external hardware units.