Strengthen the communication
and optimize your meetings!

Appropriate and functional AV installations strengthen both the communication and user experience at meetings and conferences.
At ProShop Europe, we are specialists in designing and installing AV solutions that create the optimal settings for meetings and conferences.
We always base our solutions on the physical surroundings, the intended purpose and use of the AV solution and your wishes.

Meeting rooms and conference halls

The functionality of a meeting room has great influence on the meeting participants' perception of the room and their output of the meeting. Each of our meeting room solutions are put together by several elements such as lighting, sound, screens, projectors and room control based on the size of the room and your wishes. Our installation technicians are specialized in designing and installing functional AV solutions that add great value to the users.

Visuality strengthens communication

In meeting and conference rooms, where many presentations are given, a big screen solution like the one at DONG ENERGY can be a great tool for strengthening the communication. A screen like this one is used for presentations at boardroom meetings, introduction of new employees and events with many participants. To bring so much visuality into a conference room, strengthens the communication significantly and gives the participants a much greater experience.

Simple and central management

It is crucial for any technical installation's success that the intended users can manage the installation or installations. That is why we offer simple and central management possibilities, which based on your needs can contain functions such as central on/off of all screens, preprogrammed display of spots and presentations, surveillance of selected elements and their operation status. Our systems can control all kinds of technical installations e.g. lighting, sound, curtains, screens, projectors and projection screens.


Digital booking of meeting rooms

Simple and elegant booking system for meeting rooms - the meeting room is either booked locally on a small touch screen by the meeting room or via Outlook.

Digital Booking

This solution minimize double bookings and interruptions of on-going meetings, because the screen always shows who is using the room, for how long and can suggest other vacant meeting rooms.


Digital Receptionist

The digital receptionist

Digital Receptionist

Are you guests met by a receptionist or do they stand around and wait for a random employee to come by and help them? If the latter is the case, a digital receptionist is the ideal solution for you! The digital receptionist welcomes your guests and informs the relevant employee that there is a guest waiting.

"ProShop Europe is a very good business partner in innovative processes. They have many different experts in their team, who come up with the solutions I need. In the developing process we inspire each other and that way the solution is further refined."

Maurits Eijgendaal

Principal, Guldhornet, Landsbyen Sølund

"ProShop Europe has been our total supplier of AV equipment for about six years. They have been our sparring partner on designing and equipping Copenhagen Conference in terms of sound, AV, room control and info systems, as well as delivered and installed the solutions. With ProShop Europe as my supplier, my expectations have been met every time."

Mikkel Rasmussen

Technical Manager, DGI-byen

Danni Dyrberg - ProShop Europe

Danni Dyrberg

Technology should be a help, not a hindrance! I have many years of experience in constructing AV systems that create added value for the user.

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