Give your audience an even better experience!

At ProShop Europe, we create interactive communication solutions that capture the attention of the audience, providing them with an even better experience.
Based on your communication needs, we will develop a conceptual solution that strengthens and enhances communication and entertainment value.



The design possibilities are practically unlimited when it comes to size, installation and format. Today we are able, for example, to create asymmetrical formats and experiment with the visual appearance of the actual screen, as we have done for Jack & Jones and Event Night, for example.

Danni Dyrberg - ProShop Europe

Danni Dyrberg

Technology should be a help, not a hindrance! I have many years of experience in constructing AV systems that create added value for the user.

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When working with innovative solutions in exhibition environments we focus on ensuring that the individual solution adds value to both the user experience and the daily operations of the exhibition. In the actual exhibition, we will focus on creating innovative platforms that enhance both communication and the overall experience for visitors at the exhibition. A communication platform could be a touch screen or an interactive projection in which the visitor contributes to the experience, such as the virtual aquarium at the North Sea Oceanarium. Additionally, we work to create the right environment using lighting and sound effects.

Screen solutions

One of the most effective ways of capturing people's attention is to present them with a visual aid - which is why the majority of our installations contain a screen solution. We work with all types of screen solutions and projections.

When we are working to create a visual solution, we do so based on the customer's desires in terms of design and functionality. We combine this with our extensive experience and expertise of all leading brands and the latest in AV equipment.

Screen 103-42

Enkel Let Styring

Simple and central management

It is crucial for any technical installation's success that the intended users can manage the installation or installations. That is why we offer simple and central management possibilities, which based on your needs can contain functions such as central on/off of all screens, preprogrammed display of spots and presentations, surveillance of selected elements and their operation status.

Each system is designed and programmed based on the needed functionality level and the number of elements that the system needs to manage. Our systems can control all kinds of technical installations e.g. lighting, sound, curtains, screens, projectors and projection screens.


We have developed an interactive concept for entertainment and information installations, where the user becomes a part of the experience. One of the concepts core elements is a software that can handle inputs from e.g. sensor, process data and create interaction between video, sound sources and external hardware units.

Based on the data received from the sensors, the software generates a real-time 3D animation in which the movements of the elements are controlled by the user's movements. Many different elements can be linked, giving the interactive installation new dimensions, such as jets that spray water on the user.

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The lighting in a room can have great influence on how people experience the room. It is of great importance that the lighting in a room matches the purpose of the room. Depending on the intended use of the room, you can install a pleasant atmospheric lighting, a decorative lighting, work lighting or perhaps a combination, which allows for changing the lighting according to the use of the room.

We work with all kinds of lighting and integrate lighting as natural elements in many of our installations.



Give your visitors an exceptional experience with an interactive installation, where the visitors are co-creators of their experience. Use the interactive installation to entertain or inform visitors, to make the waiting time feel shorter or as an element in an exhibition - only your imagination limits the possibilities. We work with interactivity in many shapes and sizes and definitely have a solution that matches your needs.

Sound systems


We work with sound systems in all sizes - from the simple sound system in a meeting room to professional large-scale sound systems in e.g. museums. We dimension your sound system based on the settings and the intended use of the sound system.


Graphics and animations


Our creative team has specilised in visual communication for digital platforms and has a natural closeness to all of our technical solutions. They work with 3D animations and video productions, which both have a potentially high entertainment and information level. Regardless of which digital platforms you use in your exhibition, the creative team can in cooperation with you produce the visual content for the exhibition.